An Artful Installation

“NOTHING ORDINARY about Breta Malcolm. She’s wearing a long apron smeared with blues, whites, greens and oranges when she ratchets open the door to her weather-stained La Conner home. And there it is behind her — the extraordinary: a magnificent 9-foot-tall Guy Anderson painting of Icarus tumbling.

The piece fills the wall, looking like it was created just for that spot.

It very well may have been.

This tiny house with the big art originally belonged to the painter who has been called “the Picasso of the Northwest.” He built the house and created in it. Malcolm bought it from his estate in 2000, and in 2004 added a master suite and garage. She calls it “that big piece of sculpture that I’m living in.” His paint still pocks the studio floor upstairs. She felt destined to live here.

“The place just had a feeling about it, a magical, wonderful feeling, and I’ve felt like that ever since I’ve lived here,” she says, sighing…..” read the full article by Rebecca Teagarden – The Seattle Times.

“Middleton’s addition, which includes a bathroom, laundry, bedroom, garage and indoor stairs, meets the original structure with galvanized corrugated metal panels. Before the addition, the only steps to the upstairs were outside. Nelson Lumber Construction served as contractor on the project.”

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